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Pathways into real estate

Real estate is certainly one career that people from all types of backgrounds and previous experience can try. I know from my experience that I had been a qualified greenskeeper, civil drainage worker, worked in coffee shops and also at the local abattoir. The key to real estate is to be able to connect with people and relate commonly with them. Your past experiences help you exponentially when you’re in positions that can feel awkward to some.

I have seen people from all types of backgrounds make a fantastic career of real estate and put simply, you need the ‘want’ to succeed. It certainly isn’t a job that you can coast along and reap the rewards, you need to grind and build relationships and you always need to be looking ahead. In saying that though, if you make it through the first few years and start to see some return business, it can be the most wonderful job. The rewards you feel when selling someones cherished family home or finding a first home buyer their dream home, it fills you full of genuine happiness. 

To get started in real estate can be quite straight forward. You need to complete an Agents Representative course which can be done off campus locally here in Warrnambool at Tafe. In my opinion you are always best to be employed by an agency whilst completing this as their support can be valuable in your infancy.

Once you become an Agents Representative you can actively list and sell property under the guidance of a licensed agent. This is the time you need to learn your craft and become a proficient agent. There are endless training resources out there and whichever way you go, you will never stop learning. The sky is the limit!


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